Smarty Pants Stamp

smarty pants 1-01.jpg
smarty pants 1-01.jpg

Smarty Pants Stamp


This sassy, smart stamp is fun and benefits those in need. This stamp is extra special because 100% of the proceeds from this stamp go towards our Pencils of Promise school build. We are building a school with Pencils of Promise one stamp at a time. A portion of the proceeds from ALL of our stamps go towards our build, but this stamp along with a few others have a 100% donation. Pick this stamp up for the Smarty Pants in you life, your kid's teacher, or stamp it on the outside of some snail mail to let people know how smart you think they are!

This Smarty Pants stamp is part of a collaboration with The Savvy Business Owners Group hosted by Heather Crabtree and Freckles Creative Studio. 

You can learn more about our school build here:

Find out more about Heather Crabtree here:

Find out more about Freckles Creative Studio and check out their matching cards here:


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